• B BOY SUMMIT....uhhh...
  • BOB-O(MMC), BEEE(MMC),and JOS(MMC) along with
    THUNDER CAT performs every weeekend at
    3rd Street Prominade, Santa Monica.


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  • L.A. VALLEY COLLEGE practices

check out this ARTICLE about the history of the dance we do...could b quite informative...

This was taken at THE LAST SUMMER JAM, September '99

    • PHASE II
      FOUNDATION FUNKOLLECTIVE & FAT POUNDS will be thowing this long overdue event towards the end of JULY in the LA or OC area. It will feature live bands playing mainly funk and hip hop, not to mention the turntable talents of the resident FOUNDATION DJs. NO CONTESTS!!!It's just you and the floor...the way it should be!!

      If that's not enuff fo ya, if you bring in your old, raggedy, beat down FAT POUNDS TIPS shirt--TIP #1: BUST WITH YOUR SHOES ON and TIP #2: 3-STRIPES DON'T MAKE YOU A B BOY/GIRL-- you can trade it in for a brand spankin new FAT POUNDS shirt!!!

      keep ya eyes open and ya shoes laced!!!

  • Brief History of the Cru

    The original MASTER MOVEMENTS (1st generation) started out in the city of Delano (central California) many moons ago. During the "housing era" (late 80's-early 90's) they changed their name to BOYS IN STYLE (BIS). In the early to mid 90's, the name MASTER MOVEMENTS resurfaced as a sort of b boy compilation of 3 main crews--BIS, 101 TRIBE, and ETHNIC NATION. The other crew which joined us was BALLISTIK from Santa Maria (central Cali).

    MASTER MOVEMENTZ has appeared in a few videos including the RADIOTRON series, 7 GEMS: volume 2, Relms of Rockin',Freestyle Session: volume 3, as well as countless home videos taken by your uncle's son's neighbor's brother's best friend from Pacoima.

    There is a video that's being sold in the stores that has a picture of BEEE on the cover as well as various footage of him taken at ELEMENTS (an underground hip hop club). There was no kind of agreement or understanding when making and distributing this video. Even with BEEE's image all up on this video, tha fool that made it still wanted to charge him. Just a warning to all b boys that do dance in a public area-- it is perfectly legal to film and sell your ish if you're openly displayin your skills in public. So KEEP AN EYE OUT FO THAT CAMCORDER!!!.And just to be a lil bitch, I strongly urge you NOT to purchase this tape.

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