back 2 tha beginning.


MASTER MOVEMENTS originally began in DELANO, California(near bakersfield......u know..uhh...central cali). Years later, they changed their name to BOYZ IN STYLE (BIS). As BIS, they gained maad props up and down Cali, representing at events such as FILIPINO WEEKEND (in delano).

In 1994, the name MASTER MOVEMENTS resurfaced after asking permission from the original members in Delano- and willing to battle for the name if need be. It was made up of 3 main crews-- BIS, 101 Tribe, and Ethnic Nation. Each crew kept their individual name, but also represented as MASTER MOVEMENTS.

MASTER MOVEMENTZ has appeared in such videos as B BOY SUMMIT 2, RADIOTRON 1 (where they placed 3rd..which really don't mean a dayamn thang cuz they didn't battle nobody after that), 7 GEMS volume 2 and the STYLE ELEMENTS video (concrete session), as well as the FREESTYLE SESSIONS series (including SEATTLE FSS), PETER PAN'S RELMS OF ROCKIN volume 1 and various raw footage people took cuz they thought we were cool....but little do they know that we're all a buncha jerks!!